Monday, January 26, 2009


What can I say? We love food. We love good food. There is a complexity about food, not just in flavor but within the very idea of it. First, there is the joy of creativity, the draw to explore, experiment and learn. There is an anticipation that energizes the preparation and makes the reward fulfilling. And after you've indulged in the act of creation, there is still another dimension: the satisfaction that comes with enjoying what you have created.

Let's be honest. Art feeds the eyes. Music feeds the ears. But there is an intimacy in the satisfaction that comes with eating a great dish that can't be compared. The nose is tickled. The tongue is pampered. People are knit together by the sharing of food. If forced to choose, I would rather sit back with a full belly and tingling tongue, reflecting on the interaction between my tongue and the things on my fork, than gaze at a hundred paintings or listen to the most potent song.

My grandfather would say, "You don't love food. You love people. You enjoy food. You like food. But you don't love food."

I see the beginning of a philosophical journey.

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